Chris Lee


Bachelor of Design 3D animation 2D animation Compositing Character Animation Video Moving Image Mixed Media Stylised Narrative

My project is an animation using both 2D & 3D animation aesthetics to answer the research question, “How can I develop the narrative message through integration and transition of stylized 2D and 3D animation aesthetics?”

My project Slump, illustrated the narrative message of ‘Artist block’ throughout the integration of 2D and 3D animation aesthetics using stylized design. The main goal was to create an animated film that many artists could relate to, and intent to form a bond of sympathy with the touch of an animation combined with 2D and 3D aesthetics. Approach to integrating two different animation style offered a great boundary of expressing the aesthetics of character and its environment, which leads to emphasizing overall message in my project. I considered to focus on line works and exaggerated movements for the 2D animation side, lighting, atmosphere for 3D animation. This involved a research into methodologies such as previsualization and practice base research to provide better knowledge of creating a successful animation that develops a narrative message. In the process of making, Slump is influenced by existing animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures, 2018) and One Small Step (Taiko Studios, 2018).