A snake simulation game

My project is a simulation game, titled “Snycle”, which attempts to answer the research question, “How can I animate a 2D black mamba snake in order to create a 2.5D style game about the daily life of a black mamba in the wild?”

Snycle is a project that focuses mainly on mechanics and the semi-realistic art style of the world in which the game is set. Snycle is a simulation game not dissimilar to the classic snake game as it follows a similar idea of having to eat food to keep playing the game. The main focus of my project was to create a snake character that could move around like a real snake whilst being a piece of 2D art. I have explored the use of a 2.5D art style where all the assets used in the construction of the scene are 2D art, yet they have been placed and rotated to be in a 3D scene. The gameplay of Snycle involves slithering around the scene and attempting to catch the rats that will be running around everywhere, eating rats will refill your hunger as it naturally decreases over time. You must keep eating rats in order to live.

This game was very ambitious for me as I have very little knowledge in coding and this type of project is something I have not tried before. I have a personal interest in snakes and this influenced me to make a snake game that wouldn't show snakes in a cartoonish style. I made all my art assets myself which took up a lot of my time so there ended up being less gameplay than I planned.

The main methodology that I used throughout this project was practice-based research, this involved making several games in a game-a-week structure to test out different mechanics and figure out what game I wanted to create. I looked at games like Slither.io by Steve Howse(2016) as a reference for similar games that already existed.