Sophia Barrell


Bachelor of Design Womenswear Streetwear Sustainability


Rubberneck - Graduate Collection 2020 - the concept is creating the power to make someone look twice. The collection is inspired through creating tension between 2 elements; the Thoroughbred and a Dodge Challenger.

This collection takes inspiration from finding power to make the viewer look twice - Rubberneck. I explored this power through the idea of Horsepower. Smashing two different elements together and creating tension between a Thoroughbred and a Dodge Challenger ( 2 different elements of horsepower). Not taking the ideas literally, I wanted to create an illusion on how something is worn or done. The concept was coming from an alternative angle to the normalised commercial model.

The collection is derived from second hand clothing and dead stock. The choice to use this way of working is a decision made through the current situation of the fashion industry and world through a global pandemic. I used what was in front of me. I explored and critically researched the idea’s around up cycling, circular fashion and sustainability. The industry has taken a huge hit and I took the time to rethink about what I could do to make my place in the industry a better place ethically and environmentally. My vision moving forward for the collection is moving towards the idea of dead stock and up cycling which transforms into the growing circle of circular fashion.