Steven Talawng


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Compositing Animatic Previsualization Video Photography Narrative Abstract Realism

Vaate Film

My Capstone Project is a live-action short film that explored the distractions that most students face during their studies. The moral of my project is about finding clarity after experiencing lucid dreaming. My research question for this project was "How can I create a compelling photorealism 3D creature and seamlessly integrate into the real-world environment?"

My goal was to create a compelling photorealistic 3D model; to achieve this, I have research on the theoretical lens behind the Photorealism and surrealism.

I chose to create a bird model because my inspiration came from the Great Hornbill bird, which is a representative of my home Chin State; A symbol of kindness, it appears on the country's flag. Likewise, I wanted to use the bird as a metaphor of the student self-conciseness like an alarm that wakes us up.

I believe this project has been an impactful project for me. Now that I understand the procedures of Modelling & Rigging better, I could improve my project if I attempted this again. I don't think I achieved Photorealism and the Feather simulation to the fullest potential. Still, due to time constraints and other factors, it wouldn't have compared to what I envisioned at the beginning of this year. Even though the simulation didn't go well to plan in this project, it has given me an interest in pursuing more in the future project.

I'm satisfied with the knowledge I have learnt over the year and am pleased with the outcome of this project.