Striking a Chord

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Connection in Music

“Striking a Chord” was a project which investigated the personal connections of music in everything we do and highlighted its value beyond the pleasure of listening, expanding into self-expression.

Seen as the physical embodiment of one's musical tastes, vinyl records became the lens of this project. A record collection can really be seen as self-representation. “Striking a Chord” ultimately presented both a distillation of the key findings from a rich research undertaking, as well as a reflection in my own connection with music, looking to my personal vinyl record collection in doing so.

There is an inevitable connection that music shares with everything, from memories to emotions. It can promote a sense of identity and is a powerful tool in a society where determining identity has become so complex. For me, this space is deeply engaging, connections able to be drawn between music and every aspect of who I am. This idea of the connection found in music was the main driver for my project. The two publications held in a gatefold format reflect on the format of traditional vinyl record albums. These contextualised the topic as well as explored the various connections music has for me personally. The design process of this project provided me with the creative freedom to gather and develop assets in several ways. Patterns, illustrations, photography, and typography all allowed ideas to be conveyed and transformed. Extensive exploration occurred to determine the most appropriate way to visualise the analogue medium of vinyl records. The accompanying research was then able to contextualise the project, presenting its necessity through articles and interviews.