Daphne Espiritu

Suffuse Spaces

Bachelor of Design Textile Design Interior Design Surface Design Textile Technologies Technology Hand Crafted

Suffuse Spaces is a series of hand-tufted floor coverings; two large rugs and three mini mats. This collection allows the user to interact and adapt the spaces they inhabit within the exploration of structure, light, and negative space through the process of abstraction. The collection draws inspiration from home interior environments consisting of wooden timbers, cosy sheets and old antiques. The design practice for the collection was influenced by the designers' bedroom, living room, and hallway. The creative process derived from the analysation and abstraction of these interior spaces as they presented in the early and late sunlight hours. The colours transcend through daylight and night time, combining complementary accent colours, focusing the eye while generating a sense of comfort.

Entering Covid-19 lockdown and moving from university to remote online learning, I ensured that my personal space would be viable for this design practice. This design practice examined domestic moments, illustrating gestures of everyday life, such as moving, eating and sleeping. The collection explored the objects and scenes of isolated moments based on how the sunlight alters throughout the day. The visuals of these ideas translated atmospheres into tactile and dimensional forms connecting people to the material world.

Comfort is essential in every form of activity. I view comfort as a form of freedom, playing, and triggering a relaxation response to an environment. Boundaries around the house are often formed by a subjective comfort phenomenon, which is part of basic human needs. The rugs in the Suffuse Spaces collection allow the user to interact and adapt the aesthetic within their personal comfort space. With the echo of serenity in mind, I wanted to inform the design approach to create atmospheric rugs which shift user experience within the home oasis. Abstract imagery from other designers and artists influenced my design aesthetic. The rug designs combined this abstract aspect with inspiration from encounters of scenes from everyday life. These concepts are employed through experimentation with different textile mediums which explore colour, texture and effect.

The textile techniques applied translate my digital illustrations using photoshop. In my final year of the Textile Design degree, I expanded my textile techniques to include tufting using natural fibres such as wool. I loved the idea of painting with wool using a tufting gun which functions by pushing a needled yarn through special backing. The gun repeats this punching action until tufted loops cover the backing. The hand-tufted medium allows the rug shape to be generated in a shorter period than commercial woven carpet techniques and enables efficient production of individual pieces. This rug-making method enables rapid development of multiple designs opening up the potential for commission based work in the future.