Darlene Koo

The Duckko Project

Bachelor of Design Craft Illustration Packaging Publication Print Social Design Storytelling

Designing for children

The Duckko project aims to reinforce healthy habits and behaviours to what children should eat. Targeted at children aged 2-5, the project is designed as a fun and yet, an educational package. The kit contains a soft toy, an illustrated picture book, and supporting accessories for children to interact with, at the same time encouraging them to be more familiar with certain vegetables.

We are impacted legitimately by our environmental factors and encounters. Through perceptions and observations of others eating, behavioral factors shape food preferences and acceptance. The age of 2 to 5 is when consuming behaviors are constructed. The Duckko Project plans to establish a supportive environment for children to practice and build good eating habits. Particularly centered around vegetables we find in our day by day, the kit encourages children as well as the parents.

With in-depth research, character designs, illustrations, and product designs the main character ‘Duckko’ was established. Various products were created to become a communication tool to speak to the audience. Duckko soft toy, ‘Duckko goes Quackko’ picture book,  fridge magnet, Rubik cube, table towel, stickers, keyring. Listed products are mainly targeted for children, to grab their attention, and educate them to become more familiar with vegetables.

The illustrated picture book is the wireframe of the project. The project identifies and highlights making the right choices on what to consume. Various vegetables are suggested throughout the illustrated book, as well as supporting accessories. The package collaborates to build a strong bond with the audience.

Future projects will seek to develop this interest in encouraging the younger generation to live healthy lives, through various mediums.