Freda Lai

The Elevated Glass Garden

Bachelor of Design Public Space Experience Design

A New Perspective of Fort Lane Overhead

The Elevated Glass Garden is an elevated walkway which bridges across Fort Lane on the rooftops of heritage buildings facing Fort Street. From this elevated position the city becomes a screen and is experienced from multiple view points along the looped path. Adjacent to the looped pathway are a series of crystalline rooftop cinema structures which accommodate small groups of movie-goers.

Project Description

The Elevated Glass Garden is comprised of two key design features – an elevated rooftop walkway and a series of cinematic crystal domes. The intention underpinning this design proposal is to decrease the social distance between inner city residents through the city-cinema complex which invites an informal social gathering to take place. The looped elevated walkway The Glass Koru above the Cloud is made of tempered glass. At the end of the path, there are two circular areas with tables and chairs, where people are welcome to sit down and chat with their peers while watching the scenery outside.