Jannah Mendoza

The First Date

Bachelor of Design Interactive Indie Game Anime Manga Illustration Interactive Fiction Narrative



The First Date

“The First Date” is a horror dating simulator about your unsettling first date experience warping your perspective depending on the conversational decisions you make with the girl of your dreams. You will play as the main character from your point of view, reading through the story and conversations you will encounter with your date.

The game will give you quick-time events that will impact player success and dialogue and action options that can affect the ending you will achieve by the end of the game. “How can I emulate the feeling of anxiety through an interactive story-based game?” is the research question I have set myself and the basis of what I am going to explore for my capstone.

Technically, my game is rightly considered to be a ‘visual novel’ considering the format and program I use to develop my capstone. However, I personally consider this as a 'narrative survival game' due to the gameplay mechanics that simulate the main character’s anxiety that could determine their survivability.

I've set myself questions such as 'How can I visually create effective storytelling and immersion through a narrative-focused game with minimal gameplay? What kind of gameplay will I be doing to emulate my goal?'. Upon early stages in development, my obstacles would most certainly be on a technical standpoint, which ended up being true the further I went on.