Geirvy Salonga

The Unconscious Thoughts

Bachelor of Design Public Space Exhibition and event design Experience Design Play Public Surface Community

The Unconscious Thoughts

What is there between reality and our unconscious minds? In the alley, a normal routine is set as a passage and only a transitional space between one place to another. Transforming this into an experience rather than a space of transition. Designed to be an escape to the dark realities of our worlds into our unconscious thoughts. A light that represents the alley with a new perspective on life, hope, and unending possibilities. Festive celebrations and diversity are our future. A new direction displays the repetition of movements desiring obstacles to overcome. Capturing body gestures from the moments of pause experience, and responding to this new path.

Fort Lane is an alley in Auckland connected to the main road such as Queen Street and Customs Street. Fort lane is often used as shortcuts and walkthroughs to get to their destinations, such as Bus stations, Ferry station, and the Britomart train station. The alley also consists of popular restaurants and bars and is highly active both day and night. However, The alley is used as a transitional space for everyday use and is often ignored and disregarded. This path is seen as dark, mysterious, and very limited to interaction between one another. This project explores the potentials of the alley and creates a new perspective and ideology of what an alley is like in our communities.

My aim for this project is to create a space that breaks people’s consciousness into an experience- and an escape from the dark realities of our fears, hate, and despair. A temporary installation into the Fort Lane where it transforms from a normal walk-through routine into a transitional experience. I will be experimenting on how this change of environment allows the people to have a walk-through of a new encountering space. A temporary installation of a passage full of color and lights for people to walk from a place into another. For this project, I will be using a range of colors of polycarbonate sheets and LED strips to provide lights and glowing effects on my project.

Use of light

Light is one of the most fundamental and universal symbols. It represents intelligence, divine and spiritual. Light also is a source of reality and goodness. Light will have a huge impact on this project and will have a clear understanding of my purpose.

Spectrum colors

Colours of the spectrums are a symbol of unlimited possibilities. It also represents different meanings in life such as cosmos, diversity, dreams, imaginations, etc. Colors have seen no end. We see it every day, everywhere, anywhere, and at any possible time. An unconscious mind of a person is visualized in colors.

Geometrical Patterns

Lines are used as directions, measurements, and connections. Lines can be illustrated in many forms geometrically and I will be using this as a symbol of the galaxy. It can also show the complexity of these forms and structures which symbolize unseen obstacles of our lives.

My project design will act as an attraction and will give a huge impact on Fort Lane, as it will activate the site, not just for its regular use but for the experience. The alley is no longer just a transitional space, but a place that breaks from reality. A new direction where their unconscious mind can be under their cosmos.