Ella Mather


Bachelor of Design Publication User-centred

I wouldn't consider myself a hoarder or someone who holds a considerable amount of value to physical or materialistic items but it was hard not to notice a pattern of build ups of certain items which I cannot seem to part with. Wether it is something that is connected to a memory or moment in time or something given by someone else or something completely unrelated and unimportant but I somehow have an abundance of. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the things they collect and what they can seem to not part with, so in some sense this is all a part of me and had a reason for being categorised in the is way and live in its home in my room.

This project is a personal archive of items, it is informed by the context of that as well as the content itself, being the objects. The project as a whole has been impacted by all the people I have met in my life and experiences and relationships I have had. All the objects are a result of the people I have met and the decisions I have made as if even one small aspect of my life was different at any point the project may be very different. The content has been collated over the last twenty years and will continue to grow following the project for the rest of my life. My intentions with this project other than archiving the items was to also find a purpose and resigning behind them and the categories they fall into, as well as celebrating and acknowledging them. I set parameters within this project with sticking to ten categories as it could have gotten out of hand and endlessly time consuming to archive everything I owned. I figure if I was to do that I would loose the aspect of order within my work and the categories would fade into a lot of chaos. it is a project I am simply doing for myself in an almost public stage as I am allowing others to see it. I set myself restrictions rather early in the project so there wasn't much extending in that area but the idea to do two seperate publications one stating the categories and purpose and another the archive all the items. This was a development of the content I wanted to create and response to the content.