Cassie Paotama


Bachelor of Design Illustration Speculative

Music - a universal language that unites

Hello, I'm Cassie. During my study I have specialised in the Illustration pathway while minoring in Digital Fabrication. These two pathways have introduced me to a variety of skills that I have been able to develop and build. From learning the principles of design and the intricate tools of 3D modeling in software like Rhinoceros. It has enabled me to get a keen sense of both practical production and critical thinking when executing my ideas.

Outside of work and university, I have very keen interests in all things movies, music, the want to travel and explore and of course, the passion for art that comes along with being a creative individual. Being a very illustrative person with many interests, especially in music, I wanted to incorporate these factors in my final project - Unity.

The meaning of unity is a connection of all. To join and to feel like one. Therefore, I based Unity on being inclusive to all. Regardless of age, race, religion, sexual identity, and more. I aimed for this to represent something everyone can feel connected to as there are no limitations on the universal language of music.

Music holds no boundaries. Everywhere in the world has music. Everyone has at least one song they enjoy or - even hate. Unity's goal is to unite diversity between friends and strangers through the joy of music and emotions towards sounds. Using sounds as a common factor, everyone regardless of their individuality can gain familiarity with each other.

Using the idea of unity through music, I created a project where I analyse participants' answers to a series of questions of what their favourite song is and why it holds significance to each individual. Then transforming them into illustrations with participants sent in images using a style that depicted the way I interpreted these songs.

Researching the ideas and beliefs of how emotion and art forms feed into one another, I realised how different individuals perceive a subject. Aestheticism, the concept of interpretation, representation, and expression was intriguing and a vital understanding of my project. To show each person is unique and different, but that difference is what brings us together and unites.

For the playlist of UNITY, please find the insert with Spotify's code!