Emma Harkness


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Vegan Heat and Eat meal range

VGN creates a seamless transition from meat eating to vegan / vegetarian living. VGN’s products are such good alternatives, it won’t be necessary to consume meat anymore. VGN’s large and diverse product range is aimed to satisfy any meat eater and will become a new staple for your fridge. VGN is marketed towards a large demographic, perfect for people with a busy work life or any health conscious individual interested in the vegan diet.

As a meat lover recently turned vegetarian, I often find myself craving foods I can no longer eat. The vegan meat substitutes sold in New Zealand are slowly increasing but still limited, with most supermarkets only selling sausages, burger patties and the occasional frozen mince. Many of these options are vegetarian but not completely vegan. This gap in the market inspired me to create VGN — a range of delicious, precooked, vegan proteins, inspired  by the foods I miss eating the most.

Global meat consumption and the agricultural industry as a whole is a significant contributor to global warming. Despite the vegan/vegetarian diet increasing in popularity, 89% of the world’s population continue to consume meat. Meat substitutes can be protein and iron rich, so one can only assume vegan meat substitutes are avoided because of the taste or the cost.

VGN focuses on just that, creating meat substitutes so delicious, at an affordable price point, any meat eater would happily eat vegan.