Roger Pang


Bachelor of Design 2D animation Stop Motion Animation Narrative Abstract

Abstract: This animation expresses a meaningful story with the combination of different camera angles to capture the action of stop-motion animation and 2D animation characters.This story suggests that the ultimate damage to the environment is to destroy human beings themselves and to protect the environment, we should start from the care about plants around us.

Project Description:At the beginning of the story, a clay puppet is created to represent human beings, and the puppet deliberately destroys plants as it moves forward. In this part of the story, all the clay characters are recorded by stop-motion animation. Unfortunately, however, the clay puppet later encounters some poisonous flower, and he picks it up with curiosity. The virus infects the puppet quickly, and the virus enters its body. From this moment, all parts of the virus are recorded by 2D animation. The task of the virus is to destroy the red blood cells and the immune system inside the puppet’s body. The virus explores in the body and finally meets the immune system and red blood cells, and successfully defeats them. The camera switches to stop-motion animation again then. The clay man slowly changes color as the virus in his body wins. Then it turns into a pool of mud, on which there grow many poisonous flowers.
This story has a typical surreal style, and it is about the fight between the virus and the immune system. I want to use stop-motion animation is that I want to use 3D objects that can be touched as our real world.I used dragon frame to shoot the start and the end of my animation.
The focus of my project is my entire animation is made by hand drawing, including background moving, coloring, and some luminous effects.  .Because I think that people's hand-painted than the final product made with a lot of software more feel some.In the end  i combines procreate, After Effects, and Premiere Pro for machining my final animation.