Toan Pham

Voice Theatre

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Public Space Experience Design Play Public Film Education Performance Culture Community

A new micro-theatre for Fort Lane

Our paths cross and intertwine, and, for a moment, our stories become one. Like roots in a garden, the communities of Auckland have created their own ecosystem. Through strands of each individual, we hold stories-- stories that keep our communities breathing for years. The relationships within our communities are strengthened through such connections in performance and visual arts; we become performers when we share our stories.

Voice Theatre is a permanent structure that is designed to be a theatrical experience at the intersection of Auckland’s communities, allowing individuals to express their narratives through performance and visual arts. The intervention’s purpose is to allow the sharing of stories between the performers and the public, developing the cultural diversity within the heart of Auckland city.

For my final brief, I have designed a theatre space within Fort Lane that is accessible for the people of downtown Auckland. The proposition pays homage to the Roxy theatres that once occupied the space that now houses Everybody’s restaurant/bar.  The project seeks to bring back the cinematic experience to Fort Lane.

The fluorescent lights that are installed within the intervention is a key design element to the project. The lights act as a pathway that prepares the audience for a story to be encountered. The theatre contrasts the outside environment of Fort Lane in order to have a quiet place to perform stories compare to the chaotic atmosphere of the lane.

The project is giving a voice to the communities of downtown Auckland. as it is a dedicated space within Fort Lane that allows people to narrate and perform their stories, diversifying the culture within Auckland City.