Sophia Lopez


Bachelor of Design 2D animation Character Animation Video Illustration Narrative


My project, Wither, is a 2D animated short film that aims to explore how I could portray the state of withering and decay using 2D animation. I wanted to focus specifically on how plants would wither and decay, therefore, I’ve created a story depicting a plant-like creature that would experience this withering process.

Project Description

Wither tells a tragic tale of a treant guardian and a naive girl who stumbles upon a strange flower. As the prime subject of this project, I’ve created a treant guardian that would inevitably wither as they protect the naïve girl from a dangerous flower; which serves as a catalyst to the withering process.

Creating this project, Wither, was an educational experience for me. Although I wasn’t able to fully animate the film, I believe that this project was able to successfully answer my research question since I was able to animate a withering and decaying effect using 2D animation. I learned how to identify the important aspects of animating this effect through my research on plant-life and existing media. I also discovered how to train my eye while I observed the details and timing of a plant withering and decaying. Lastly, exploring how professional studios animate effects similar to withering has helped me identify certain patterns and possible effects when animating it.

Wither was my first attempt in creating a full short film, my previous animations were usually just a short one-off project. My lack of experience showed since I was unable to have a full grasp in managing a solid pipeline. I also I couldn’t comprehend how much time I spent or could spend on a task, therefore, I failed in completing this within the set time I had. However, producing this film has allowed me to gain the experience I needed to discover my mistakes and understand the areas where I could improve on. In the future, I would like to finish the remaining scenes of this film; starting with the climax scenes of this project.